XRebel version 2020.2.0.RELEASE

This URL contains the Eclipse update site of XRebel plugin (version 2020.2.0.RELEASE).

XRebel plugin supports Eclipse 3.6 or newer.

Marketplace Install (latest release only)

To install the latest release version of XRebel plugin via the Eclipse Marketplace Client, drag the button below into your Eclipse.

Alternative Install (this version: 2020.2.0.RELEASE)

Alternatively, open Eclipse, go to Help > Install New Software, and paste this URL into the dialog box. Follow the on-screen instructions from there.

NB! It is recommended to uncheck the "Contact all update sites" box for faster installs.


(If you cannot use the online update site, a downloadable zipped update site is available: update-site.zip)

Other Versions

The latest release is always at http://update.zeroturnaround.com/xrebel/update-site/.

To install an older version, go to http://update.zeroturnaround.com/xrebel/update-site-archive/ and select your desired version.